Rexmoi® – Portable Commercial Food Air Dryer

Commercial Food Dehydrator & Industrial Drying Machine

The Dryer was originally developed to dry nuts at the lower temperatures.

We have since found out there is a need for drying various other products which are sensitive to temperature.

Freeze drying can damage the cell structure of some products affecting the taste and texture. Too high temperatures can effect taste and the nutritional benefits of the product. Removing the moisture at lower temperatures reduces the chance of bacterial growth of higher temperatures.



• Size – 4.2m long x 1.2m wide x 2.6m high
• 3 trolleys with removable trays (12 per trolley) for product
• Food grade trays (stainless steel)
• Power supply – 230 VAC, 10 amp, 3-pin plug or 3phase power depending on model
• Unit is mobile and can be towed to site
• Trailer tilts for easier loading and unloading of unit
• Can hold up to a tonne of product (nuts, herbs, pollen, etc) at a time
• Energy efficient

• Computer controlled – drying temperatures can be programmed in, very accurate control
• Computer monitoring of humidity and time
• Computer recording (e.g. can print out graphs)
• Drying between 15oC and 60oC, with an aim of having a temperature range from -5oC to 70oC
• Consistent drying
• Can preheat the product prior to drying (e.g. from frozen)
• Running costs run as low as $10-$15 per 24 hours depending of cost of power and unit model


TROLLEY ONE (standard trays)

These are the standard trays for the trolleys allowing the air flow to go down through the product. There are 12 trays per trolley of approximately 970mm long by 590mm wide by 90mm deep (three trolleys).

TROLLEY TWO (flatter trays)

These trays are flatter allowing the air flow to go over the product, rather than
through it.
There are up to 40 trays per trolley slightly larger than the standard trays but
only approximately 25mm deep.



The Kiwifruit industry had a problem with labelling fruit which had come out of cold storage, condensation was forming on the fruit and the labels wouldn’t stick to the wet fruit.
By controlling the atmosphere in the grading and labelling area, we were able to keep the fruit dry for labelling.


Have successfully dried various nuts – chestnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts. All which benefit from low temperature drying, retaining taste & nutrients, increasing shelf life. Maintaining quality to enable further processing.


Drying berries as another way of preserving. No need for refrigeration to store.


Currently trialling and developing a unit for drying meat products. After initial trials we are working on designing and developing a much larger commercial unit to meet their needs.


Used when a product needs moisture removal to set the product and enhance its shelf life, where high temperatures would burn or destroy the product or nutrients.


Controlled temperature and atmosphere for curing of products

Products are not limited to food groups. Can include things like timber, leather, materials


Each time we build a new unit, new ideas are incorporated allowing for more flexible use. From every trial we take ideas to improve the units and incorporate these in the next model. We are always developing and improving the units.

Manual Tray Loading and Unloading

We have built a manual tray loader. This assists with loading of trays and emptying the trays into a bag.

Automatic Tray Loading and Unloading

We are currently developing an automatic tray loading and unloading machine, which will also load the trays into the trolleys.