Rexmoi® – The portable commercial dehydrator provides the ultimate drying solution for food industries, including nuts, meats, pet food and vegetables.

Dehydrating food has been used for many hundreds of years to preserve and extend shelf life and retain the products natural qualities (e.g. tomatoes, grapes, nuts, herbs, fruits, and meat).

Our commercial drying system now allows for consistent and controlled temperature during the drying process. With the move to more natural food products, the costs of refrigeration and freezing plus ongoing costs; drying products has lot of benefits (environmental and financial).

With our distance from our markets drying the product has many benefits over refrigeration. Once dried the ongoing cost of storage and transport is a lot lower, which in turn means a lot lower carbon footprint.

In New Zealand we can grow very high quality products and at present we don’t have a lot of the diseases and pests which other countries have. Using our dryer then enables the grower to commence the on processing of the crops.

Products keep the best when harvested and preserved as soon possible and as the Rexmoi® – industrial dryer is portable this can be achieved.

By drying products as soon as practical the growing of bacteria and fungus is minimised. Depending on the model the dryer can plug into a normal household 3-pin plug or use 3 phase power.

The dryer has very accurate temperature control – depending on the product being dried, temperature range is between 15oC and 60oC, with an aim of ranging from -5oC to 70oC; time adjusted temperature can be programmed (either before or during drying) – e.g. start drying at 30oC and raise it to 40oC part way through and then could reduce the temperature again. The process of drying can be monitored and reported by using a PC.

The drying chamber is totally enclosed with aluminium trolleys and stainless trays for ease of handling.

The dryer encourages the growing of crops which can be dried, leading to further processing and possible exports.


– Kiwifruit Industry
– Low Temperature Cooking

– Meat Industry
– Berries

– Nut Industry
– Curing Products